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Boom the Room!

A band? Really?

An iPod? Really?

   Thinking about a do-it-yourself reception or party? Wow, I admire your confidence, but rethink that. Some of the worst crash-and-burn parties happen when a budget decision is made to let someone's brother or cousin DJ your important event just because he's got a speaker and a Spotify pro account.

   Music is THE most important checklist item at your wedding. It's what sets the tone from the beginning and what guests will remember long after the night is over. Cut corners on the cake, maybe. Make the music a priority.

   We do this for a living. We're professionals. Good DJs know what works and what doesn't. Great ones know this changes nightly with every crowd. It takes experience.

   Building excitement at cocktail hour, setting the mood during dinner, and working the dance floor to the point where grandma is dancing to a new hip-hop song and your 14-year-old niece shaking it to a 60-year-old Motown hit is a real art. 

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  Whether you're planning that perfect wedding reception or adding music to your get-together, a DJ almost always makes more sense.

   First off, bands are expensive. You'll wind up paying anywhere from four to eight musicians or more, and maybe even their sound man, roadies, and girlfriends. And you'll have to feed them all, too. 

   Bands, typically, don't want to be there. They have dreams of headlining Madison Square Garden, not playing cover songs at your wedding. They play to their ego, not the bride.

‚Äč   Sure, there are good wedding bands out there. But you'll need to hire Michael Buble to get that great big band sound. And Dua Lipa, and Rihanna, and Morgan Wallen. You'll need to resurrect Aretha Franklin and hire her, too. Well, you get it. Bands just don't have the range a DJ does. We can play anything, anytime, including requests. 

   I own this business. Maybe I'm a perfectionist but I don't trust my company's reputation or, more importantly, your wedding to anyone but me. I do not send staff or apprentices to DJ your special event.