SteadyJake DJ



  This your biggest day. You get one chance to make it perfect. I've done hundreds of weddings. No two are ever the same but all share one common denominator: FUN!

  I know what it takes to transition the evening smoothly; from cocktails to dinner to dancing, all while building excitement. I have expert MCing skills and an uncanny ability to play the right song at the right time. Stuff you love, stuff you forgot you loved, and some music maybe you've never heard but, apparently, your feet find most agreeable.

  I have DJ'd hundreds of parties. Office parties, reunions, school dances - each demand their own approach. Having a massive music selection helps when trying to satisfy diverse crowds, from an office Christmas party to a high school dance or prom.

  Corporate events often require just as much taste and class as a wedding. Clients are often demanding and particular.

   Being able to read and react with musical empathy is key. Mood setting is important. From "rah rah" sales seminars to end-of-the-year soirees, these events need careful attention, perfect timing, and an experienced touch.

 I'm the 


Boom the Room!